Sponsorship & Promotion

B2B opportunities

Strategic planning

Media & Sport Management Ltd (MSM) is ready to assist clients who want to exploit the commercial rights of one of the world’s most popular and most entertaining sport.

MSM implements TAILORED SPONSORSHIP through innovative programs, promotions hospitality and B2B opportunities in order to create a unique brand experience that can increase clients’ sales and build consumer confidence.

MSM also manages TALENTS in every aspect of a professional sport career, from the contractual negotiations to commercial, PR and media, building marketing value and maximizing their earnings from off-field endorsements and activities


MSM can also assist with corporate HOSPITALITY PROGRAMS   in Formula 1™, as well as offering the FERRARI TRACK EXPERIENCE, a unique opportunity to host an event on a real circuit with guests or clients’ members driving Ferrari GT cars.


 MSM offers a full range of services:



  • Talent Representation & Management
  • Contractual Negotiations
  • Public Relations & Media Management
  • Sponsorship Origination and/or Execution
  • Sponsorship ACTIVATIONS & Management 
  • Consulting: Strategic Planning
  • Hospitality: Guests Entertainment and Formula 1™ Expertise packages
  • Events Production & Management 
  • Marketing & Communication
  • B2B Proposition & Business Networking
  • Specialized Legal & Finance
  • Licensing & Merchandising