Helping companies in finding suitable partners,

franchisees, importers, distributors

and new clients in several sectors.

EuroIndia Business Services Pvt Ltd (EBS) acts as consultant to facilitate companies in finding suitable partners, franchisees, importers, distributors, and new clients in several sectors, in particular in India and Europe.


In particular, EBS identifies potential European or Indian enterprises that are interested in forming strategic alliances with European or Indian companies or brands in order to distribute products in the territory, with a view to the possible conclusion of agreements leading to the establishing of a partnership, business alliance or other strategic collaboration, including – but not limited to – joint venture agreements or franchising agreements.


  • market analysis: opportunities, customer segmentation, players and competitors, legislation, bureaucracy, taxation and financial aspects, logistics, market trends

  • Scouting potential clients/partners and its relative verification of interest

  • Scouting suppliers

  • Scouting financial resources, M&A assistance

  • Entry strategy: key vehicles: liaison office, branches, wholly owned subsidiary

  • Start up strategies: swot analysis, distribution channels/production, capex

  • Business models

  • Business plans

  • Local development and management

  • Negotiation assistance

  • Legal assistance

  • High end and luxury brands expertise

  • Corporate image, brand creation and awareness

  • Marketing plans aligned with specific initiatives

  • Human resources management

  • Organization of participation in local fairs & events

  • Monitoring and reporting on market trends and competitors, and proactively propose/initiate/take efficient actions