Our partnership with Kaspersky LAB:

Business-to-Business Activation

Media & Sport Management, whose vast experience and business connections has lead to been selected as the official exclusive reseller of KASPERSKY Lab services and products for the Government Entities. With over 20 years experience in motorsport management under its sleeve, Media & Sport Management, has earned excellent reputation of being the leader in tailor made individual, corporate and team management and has now added on, the world of IT Solution to its field of expertise.


It is only befitting that this partnership is with KASPERSKY Lab who are the worldwide leader in secure, affordable and easy-to-use network infrastructure and support by providing the world's most effective, responsive and efficient protection against cyber-threats: those from malware, spam, hackers, DDoS attacks, sophisticated cyber-espionage tools, and cyber-weapons that target countries' critical infrastructure with potentially catastrophic consequences.


Working together with KASPERSKY Lab one of the fastest growing IT security vendors in the world, Media & Sport Management firmly positions itself as one of the top resellers of security solutions for endpoint users, as KASPERSKY Lab continues to improve its market position.


KASPERSKY Lab is renowned the world over, for its awarding winning solutions which enable organizations to improve IT support efficiently through secure access and management of virtually any system. By using KASPERSKY Lab products and services you improve the reliability, security and uptime of your computer network and reduce on IT investment and operational costs.


One of the many primary advantages of KASPERSKY Lab 's corporate range is the easy, centralized management provided by KASPERSKY Lab Security Center that extends to the entire network regardless of the number and type of platforms used. With a firm base as one of the top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users worldwide, transforming IT support functions with the KASPERSKY Lab 's enterprise-class solutions, by significantly improving operational efficiency and customers satisfaction, while dramatically reducing costs.


With over 200 countries and territories worldwide with highly qualified specialists the company provides a wide range of products and solutions for different types of clients, with a special focus on large enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses, this leads to:


  • Increased staff productivity
  • Reduced Incident Handling
  • Reduced Cyber-Threats
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction






Choosing the best possible protection for your business is vital to guard against current Internet threats. Learning more about the capabilities and key advantages of KASPERSKY Lab products can help you make this choice.


Cyberthreat landscape

KASPERSKY Lab is determined to detect and neutralize all forms of malicious programs, regardless of their origin or purpose. The company is committed to protecting all computer users around the globe. This protection is available to individuals and organizations, from governments and large enterprises to home users.
Cyberthreats have become a global problem, which spreads far beyond any geographical borders. The rise of advanced persistent threats (APTs) has transformed the state of the global cyberthreat landscape, putting critical industrial infrastructure, finance, telecommunications, transportation, research institutes, military contractors and governmental networks worldwide at great risk.


Internationally recognized products

KASPERSKY Lab's products regularly score highly in comparative tests carried out by independent testing centers and IT publications. KASPERSKY Lab continues to win numerous awards and certificates for their excellent products and services.


Unique experience and knowledge

The company's most valuable asset is the wealth of expertise it has gained in its years of combating major IT threats. This helps the company to remain one step ahead of the competition and provide its users with the most reliable protection against new types of cyber-attacks. 




Our partnership with KASPERSKY Lab Worldwide has led to the creation of an exclusive and an engaging world with the Government of the Middle East, started with implementation of IT solutions to their entities. The partnership ensures a local presence where customers have direct access to the latest technologies and expertise from KASPERSKY Lab. Our extensive partner network provides you with an opportunity to consult with trained specialist and the benefits of additional services. 


With extensive support, ranging from training to technical support to marketing materials our flexible approach and commitment to working individually with every end user ensures your business success. 


Together with KASPERSKY Lab, we deliver customized solutions for companies interested in integrating our world-class anti-malware technologies. We offer a comprehensive KASPERSKY Lab SDK with well defined APIs and documentation, and integration and support processes. KASPERSKY Lab technologies are available for seamless integration or they can be customized to meet your company's specific needs. Customization possibilities include integration into a wide variety of architectures and platforms, even those running a proprietary OS. 


Partners and alliances have been an important part of Media & Sport Management's rich history and have made great contributions to the motorsport world. 


In 2013, alliance with the Abu Dhabi Racing which has aligned itself and reinforced its strategy to create more opportunities for young Emiratis as professional rally and racing drivers by entering into a partnership sponsoring agreement with KASPERSKY Lab. Abu-Dhabi-Racing-Forms-Partnership-with-KASPERSKY Lab .


With Media & Sport Management's experience in talent image management and sponsorship acquisitions, this is a partnership that will yield the next crop of U.A.E. National motorsport drivers, which would be of great recognition to the whole of the Middle East Region as a whole, in making a mark in the motorsport fraternity. 


The new agreement will help fund the growing competitive program being undertaken by Abu Dhabi Racing, which has been working on a number of initiatives to bolster the emirate's presence in global motorsport since being established a year ago the familiar KASPERSKY Lab branding, which has appeared on Scuderia Ferrari's F1 cars for five consecutive seasons, will now be carried by Abu Dhabi Racing into competitive action in the FIA Middle East Rally Championship and at some of the world's top circuit racing events. 


The partnership between Abu Dhabi Racing with KASPERSKY Lab, a name which is familiar to motorsport lovers around the world is culminating because of the company's association with Ferrari. 


This agreement marks the start of a mutually beneficial working fruitful working relationship between Abu Dhabi Racing and KASPERSKY Lab as endorsed by Media and Sport Management, the sponsorship agency for KASPERSKY Lab. 


Media & Sport Management - Official Reseller KASPERSKY Lab 


Like the colours of our logo we believe the Future with our partners is indeed bright…